CISAC General Meeting – Brussels 2015

Last June, the CISAC General Meeting took place in Brussels with a high level of attendance of business organizations from all over the world... View Video


Last March, Authors´Rights Sessions were held in the city of Cartagena and the amazing city of Bogotá, within the framework of the 55th FICCI.Presented by the well-known Audiovisual Directors and representatives ...Read more

Meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Committee - CISAC in Buenos Aires

The CISAC’s Latin American and Caribbean Committee met in Buenos Aires on April 20, 21 and 22 and DAC hosted the Congress of Audiovisual, Dramatic and Literary Partnerships ...Read more

Debates on Audiovisual Director’s Rights in Colombia

In March, DASC – (Spanish initials for Colombian Partnership of Audiovisual Directors), together with the President of Writers & Directors Worldwide Yves Nilly, a delegation of DAC ...Read more

New international agreement

Following its sustained growth strategy, DASC - Directors Colombia - signed last February 10, 2015 a new international reciprocal representation agreement ... Read more

New Year, New Office

In DASC, we seek the best for the Colombian audiovisual directors, and we want our growth to be reflected in more benefits for you ... Read more

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet sends bill in favour of audiovisual rights to Congress

The President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, in a public ceremony at the Government Office ... Read more

Writers & Directors Worldwide Mexico 2014

Find out the summary of the activities in this amazing video. With such a great involvement Latin American and European societies, was held the Congress of W&DW in the city of Mexico DF ... Read more

DASC training in DAC

Last November, a training course was held at DAC's offices in Buenos Aires, where staff from DASC - Colombian Directors - deepened ... Read more

The Mexico Manifesto

The Congreso Internacional de Creadores (International Creators Congress) of CISAC met in October in the city of Mexico, DF, with record participation and a large number of important conclusions. For the second time, this important International Congress took place in the Latin American territory. The first time, the successful experience took place in April 2012 in Buenos Aires. Read more

Author's Rights in Chile

Bachelet supports changes in the law regarding directors and scriptwriters' author's rights so that the creators of audiovisual works can earn royalties for the broadcast of their work. The President Michelle Bachelet received in La Moneda a group of audiovisual artists who demand that their author's right is recognized, as it happens with musicians and actors. ... Read more

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Latin American Audiovisual Directors Alliance

Societies which support reciprocal agreements to the Colombian Society of Audiovisual Directors


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Mexican Directors Association - Audiovisual Work Makers, Public Interest Collective Management Association


National Theater, Film and Audiovisual Authors Association


Audiovisual Media Authors Rights

To support the creation of Audiovisual Authors’ Right Management Associations in Latin America, sponsored by CISAC´s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean–Confederación Internacional de Sociedad de Autores y Compositores (International Confederation of Authors and Composers Associations).

International Confederation of Authors and Composers Associations


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